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How it works

There is an ever-growing band of craft brewers and distillers.
How do you stand out from all the rest?

Imagine being able to specify, control and experiment with the malt you use to brew… With Malting Box, you’re in charge. You get to create your own unique local malt.

Simply specify the exact type of grain you want malted. You could even supply your own locally grown or sourced grain! Malting Box will then malt the grain to your specification here in the UK using our own purpose designed and built equipment.

With Malting Box the craft malting equipment and service is quality assured. You are guaranteed quality malt every single time. Your own unique malt that is produced and boxed to your specified batch sizes, delivered to your brewery or distillery wherever you are.



Malt it yourself? No problem.

As well as providing a specialist craft malting service, we also supply a range of top quality craft malting equipment.

We have been producing specialist equipment for over 28 years and now, through Malting Box, we are helping brewers and distillers to set up their own craft malting, too.

Our three scalable equipment ranges are designed for craft brewers and distillers of all shapes and sizes – whether you want to produce your own malt for a special line of brews, set up a craft malting facility, or take on the world, Malting Box can help you.

For more details of our specialist design and technical consultancy, please click here



Our entry-level size, the MINI MALTING produces batches of 50kg, expandable up to 200kg.


The Craft and Pilot plant CM250 range produces larger batches of 250kg, expandable up to 1,250kg. This is popular with smaller craft maltster and major breweries alike


The Craft Malting CM1000 is the largest of our systems, producing batches of 1,000kg+


Latest News

Our latest newsletter (for Winter 2017) has just been published. It’s a bumper edition since we haven’t issued one for a while and contains the usual news, articles and details of some very exciting additions to our range, including the brand new Brewer’s Kiln.

To download the newsletter please click below:

Autumn Winter 2017

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Be (even more) unique.

The reason people buy craft beers and spirits is the provenance and passion that goes into making them. Having control over your malt not only enables you to create unique recipes, but is also an additional selling point that helps your products stand out.

Don’t take our word for it – here’s Thorarinn’s story. All Icelandic beers use imported malt. No brewer in Iceland has managed to successfully malt Icelandic barley. Until now…

About Us

Knowledgeable people. Passionate people.

Through our parent company CLP (Custom Laboratory Products) we’ve worked with the largest malt distributors in the world, supplying specialist expertise and equipment for over 28 years.

During this time, there has been a substantial growth of craft breweries and distilleries in the UK, US and the World. So we set about pouring all our expertise into creating Malting Box – a craft malting service and range of equipment that supports craft brewers and distillers.

That’s us, so what about you?


Whether you want your grain malted to your specified batch requirements or are interested in finding out how to set up your own craft malting, you really should be talking to Malting Box. Because craft brewing deserves craft malting.

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