Malting House Design and Technical Consultancy

CM250 Jun 15 b

Master Maltster Hugh Alexander offering advice on malting bed depths


Our malting machines (large and small) are popular and famous the world over but we recognise that there are many times when it’s better to build your own, using local suppliers and fabricators.

Of course, you still want to get it absolutely right – and that’s where we can help!


Our malting and technical experts are available to provide advice and support on every aspect of your project – from ‘will it work in this?’ all the way through to ‘how hot should my kiln be?’ and beyond!   We also design and fabricate specific pieces of equipment to fit with your basic system – examples include air rousers for the steep and the control panel for a kiln, but there are many more!)

We can even help you with your business model to make a success of your maltings once you’re up and running.

Please contact us for more information: +44 1442 843640 or – we’re here to make you successful!IMG_2826